Storage for traders: Cost effective spaces for small businesses

Market places - both offline and online - are booming. And as your business grows, it’s important to store your goods somewhere that’s easily accessible AND reasonably priced. Here’s where Shurgard can help.

  • Your products are taking over your home?
  • Need extra storage at certain times of the year?
  • Need access to your goods 7 days a week?
    Give us a call on 0800 000 13 19.

Because at Shurgard we like to support all types of small business whether you’re a market trader, eBay seller or weekend car booter.

Which is why we offer business owners:

  • Access 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
    We understand your working day starts early and finishes late, so at Shurgard you have the flexibility to get your stock when you need it.
  • A range of unit sizes for all types of products
    So whether you are selling pens or printers we have a size to fit.
  • Move to a bigger or smaller unit with no penalty
    As your stock grows or you sell out, transferring to a smaller or bigger unit is easy and no transfer fees apply.
  • Secure units with PIN code entry and CCTV
    Only you have access to your unit.
  • Drive-in units and trolleys
    We make moving your stock easier, drive your van directly up to your unit or borrow one of our trolleys to transport your products around.
  • Ventilated units
    The perfect environment to keep your precious stock in the best condition.

And we’re a friendly, knowledgeable bunch too. So we’re happy to advise you on what storage size to choose. (It’s nearly always smaller than you think.)

Small businesses can grow, your storage unit at Shurgard can grow with you. You can rent a storage unit from 10 square feet.

If you want to keep your goods safe and secure and easily accessible trust Shurgard. If you want to build an empire selling beanie babies we won’t judge.

We make storage simple - try us for €1* for the first month

  • No minimum stay required.
  • Reserve online for free now - no deposit needed. 

Find your Shurgard store nearby and check out our competitive prices now

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