Equipment storage: The best place to keep your tools of the trade

Whether you’re a gardener, plumber or electrician, it’s a worry knowing where to safely store your equipment and tools when you’re not gardening, plumbing or…electrifying. Shurgard is the answer.

  • Need a more secure solution than your garage or van?
  • Currently dump everything on the kitchen table?
  • Running the risk of your equipment getting damaged?
    Give us a shout on 0800 000 13 19.

Because at Shurgard, we know equipment and tools have to be kept in a safe, secure and dry environment to keep them in tip-top condition.

Why should you store your tools and equipment at Shurgard?

  • Range of unit sizes
    From leaf blowers to lawnmowers we have a size for all types of your equipment.
  • Close to you, access 7 days a week and 24 hours a day!
    We work with you – so if you have an early start or you finish late you can access your tools when you need them.
  • Secure units with PIN code entry and CCTV
    Only you have access to your unit and your tools.
  • Short term and long term storage options
    So if you need us for everyday use or just for a specific job, Shurgard can find a storage option for you.
  • Direct access units and trolleys for you
    Make loading and unloading easier - drive up to your unit, use our wide loading bays and trolleys to move your equipment and tools around.

And we’re a friendly, knowledgeable bunch too. So we’re happy to advise you on what storage size to choose. (It’s nearly always smaller than you think.)

Securing precious construction equipment is a costly affair. Construction sites are often not secure and you have to park your van on the street. If you want to keep your tools and equipment safe and secure trust Shurgard. (Seriously? The kitchen table? That’s the quickest way to a divorce.)

Store your equipment quickly and safely - try us for €1* for the first month

  • No minimum stay required.
  • Reserve online for free now - no deposit needed. 

Find your Shurgard store nearby and check out our competitive prices now

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