Moving or refurbishing the office?

If you’re the person who’s been tasked with the office move or refurbishment, the next few months will be a frantic flurry of activity. So let the Shurgard team make the storage part easier for you.

  • Need space to temporarily store files or furniture?
  • Your builders need extra room to carry out works?
  • Need to keep valuable goods and equipment out of the way during refurbishments?
    Give us a ring on 0800 000 13 19.

Because at Shurgard we know that flexibility is the key to a successful and stress free office move or refurb.

This is why you store your office furniture at Shurgard:

  • Easy access
    Make loading and unloading easier - drive up to your unit, use our wide loading bays and trolleys to move computers and chairs around. Shurgard has it all for you.
  • Close to you. Plus we are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
    Flexible to fit in with your plans; whenever you need to retrieve your office supplies, you can visit your unit and collect your items.
  • Change your unit size at any time
    As the office move evolves so may the space you need. Move to a different size unit at any time with no transfer costs.
  • Secure units with PIN code entry and CCTV
    Only you have access to your unit.
  • Boxes, bubble wrap and sticky tape on site
    We have all the packing and protective materials the equipment will need during the process.

And we’re a friendly, knowledgeable bunch too. So we’re happy to advise you on what storage size to choose. (It’s nearly always smaller than you think.)

Don’t let an office refurbishment interrupt the continuity of your business. If you need extra space during an office move, you need Shurgard. 

If you need a cup of tea and a chat we can probably help with that too.

We make refurbishing or moving your office easy - try us for €1* for the first month

  • No minimum stay required.
  • Reserve online for free now - no deposit needed. 

Find your Shurgard store nearby and check out our competitive prices now

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