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Thanks to its innovative expertise and customer-oriented approach, Shurgard has attracted over 1,000,000 customers. Shurgard operates 221 self storage stores in 7 countries in the Europe (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom) and over 2,200 self storage stores in the United States.

Founded in 1970 in the American state of Washington, Shurgard provides individuals and businesses with extra space in mini-warehouses to store their excess belongings or their long forgotten documents. In 1994 Shurgard began to expand into Europe and in 1995 the first European store was opened in Brussels. The first German store was opened in Mönchengladbach in September 2003. Since August 2006 Shurgard collaborates with Public Storage, the world’s largest owner and operator of self storage facilities with over one million customers and more than 2,400 stores.

All Shurgard stores are staffed with customer-focused professionals dedicated to providing superior customer service. Shurgard’s core values - service, security, reliability, convenience, cleanliness - are prized by European customers as much as their American counterparts. The success in Europe is testament to their ability to offer these values in the service they provide.


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Executive Officers


Marc Oursin
Chief Executive Officer


Jean Kreusch
Chief Financial Officer


Duncan Bell
VP Operations


Ammar Kharouf
VP Human Resources and Legal


Jean-Louis Reinalda
VP Real Estate