Self storage in 4 easy steps

Are you new to self storage? Need some extra space but do not know where to start?
The guide below will take you through the self storage process in as little as 4 simple steps.

The key to a successful move is preparation

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, as the old saying goes. So it’s worth having a plan of action when it comes to packing and moving your belongings.

To give you a hand, we’ve put together some not-to-be-missed tips. You can also print them out for easy reference:

Stock up on packing materials

To keep your belongings in tip-top shape, we recommend some good and sturdy packing materials. You can pick up all the packing materials you need in our stores.

  • Boxes: we have a large range of boxes to choose from. Our hanging wardrobe and large boxes are particularly handy.
  • Packing supplies: pack better and pack faster with the right moving supplies like bubble wrap, glass dividers, mattress bags and dust covers.
  • Sticky tape: using high-grade tape with super strength adhesive is a good call when it comes to keeping your boxes sealed up. And don't underestimate how much you'll need - tape always disappears quickly!

Are you all packed up? Bring your belongings to the store, sign a simple contract and move in.

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